Peter Capak

Dr. Peter L. Capak

  I am a leader in actionizing advanced research into the design and development of complex systems at the junction of hardware, software, and human factors. I have extensive experience in recruiting, supervising, and mentoring diverse cross-functional teams of scientists, hardware engineers and software engineers. As an astrophysicist, my research was repeatedly ranked in the top 1% of cited work. I have successfully used my wide-ranging expertise in physics, statistics, and machine learning to advance efforts in research and development (R&D), project management, and systems engineering. In addition, I have overseen a variety of projects with budgets as large as $4.5 billion for NASA, the European Space Agency, as well as many governments, academic institutes, and companies around the globe.

  Currently, I am the Architect of Perception Systems for Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Oculus division of Facebook. Before deciding to move to the technology sector, I was a senior research scientist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) where I worked with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to design and develop experiments that study the origins of the universe and the nature of space and time.